Sure Fire Method to Quitting Smoking

Every time I go out here in Portland, and someone asks to bum a smoke or a light, I tell them I haven’t smoked a cigarette in five months. People ask me how I quit smoking. They say they aren’t ready, that they don’t have the willpower, or whatever. I know the feeling, I wasn’t ready, I didn’t believe I had the willpower, and I questioned how I could undergo such a life altering change. I just sit there like a smug dick and roll my eyes.
When they say “I’d have to change my whole lifestyle“, that’s when I finally pipe up.

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The Longer I’ve Been Quit, the Less I Talk About It

When I first started this blog, I did it as a distraction to help me in my “quitting smoking” process. I use quotes because, well, I’ve screamed my Positive Powers of Procrastination theory in enough drunken hags faces that I’m sure everyone in the world has heard it. I digress…in October, I posted nearly every damn day, now I post rarely. Looking back, I think I made some entertaining posts: Continue reading

3 Months After “Quitting” Smoking

The longer I go without having a cigarette, the more I loathe the term “quit” and wish I didn’t buy “”. One would think that I should be super excited that I haven’t smoked a cigarette, which I am. However, I can’t deal with terms like “quit”. Really, I like the idea that I am putting off smoking. I don’t even want cigarettes anymore unless I go out drinking anyway. Continue reading

Is The Cure Worse than the Disease?

While I might not have had a cigarette in nearly 6 weeks, I’m still eye the “ban it everywhere” zealots with a great deal of uneasieness. The slippery slope of “good of the public” has makes me wonder what they’ll come for next. At one time, the Nazi party had a very popular public health campaign, and the party as a whole was very anti smoking. For some reason, the American Cancer Society and various public health czars never include this in its list of effective campaigns. Continue reading