Is The Cure Worse than the Disease?

While I might not have had a cigarette in nearly 6 weeks, I’m still eye the “ban it everywhere” zealots with a great deal of uneasieness. The slippery slope of “good of the public” has makes me wonder what they’ll come for next. At one time, the Nazi party had a very popular public health campaign, and the party as a whole was very anti smoking. For some reason, the American Cancer Society and various public health czars never include this in its list of effective campaigns.

And while I know my health improves with everyday that I don’t smoke, I can’t help but think that statements like this are utterly unrealistic. Banning public smoking won’t reduce death and nature’s curious way of finding creative new ways to attack our bodies.

Can’t quit figure out what this Odd Blog guy is trying to say, but I’m flattered that he quoted me.

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